Dental Implants surgery in Lahore by Dental Experts

Teeth Implants in Pakistan

Dental implants is relatively a new development in Pakistan which is only available amongst the top dental clinics in Lahore. Dental implants requires the team of professional dental surgeons which can perform their dental treatment with the best and latest dental implants technology. And in (Dental Experts) our dental clinic in Lahore we are very much confident that our dental services will provide you with the best of the possible dental implant treatment and dental care. Our team of Dental Experts has a 95 % success rate of dental implants which is big achievement for the dentistry in Pakistan.

Many patients feels like its is a very long and lengthy procedure but in reality its is procedure in which restoration of teeth takes place like any other  normal dental process. The process could take up to 6 months long but its because of the healing period which is necessary for the teeth’s. And in the end of the whole process you can not distinguish it with the natural teeth because of its behaviour and appearance is very much natural.

Dental Implants Procedure

Dental implants are actually a false teeth or an artificial teeth which takes place on your missing or damaged teeth.Dental patients might notice there’s a lot of planning just before an implant process. The surgeon analyses the exact location with every possible angle of mouth area. So, that every possible difficulties could be analysed before hand. A lots of x-rays being taken sometimes 3-D x-rays are needed to confirm every angle of before the surgery takes place. Implants are usually strong, long lasting and are no different than a natural teeth’s.

The whole Implant treatment is a combined team effort of Surgical dentist who actually performs the implants surgery and he is in charge of placing the implant , while Restorative dentist deals with the healing of the teeth. The whole procedure of dental implants is performed in two major stages and each stage has a minimum of three months gap for the complete recovery between these two stages.

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